jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

The Ballad of Skeletons

Said the President chose Skeleton: "I won''t sign the bill"
Said de Speaker skeleton: "Yes you will"

Said the Representative Skeleton: "I object!"
Said the Supreme Court skeleton: "Whaddya expect?"

Said the Old Christ skeleton: "Care for the poor"
Said the Son of God skeleton: "AIDS needs cure"

Said the Homophobe skeleton: "Gay folk suck!"
Said the Heritage Policy skeleton: "Blacks're outta luck"

Said the Macho Skeleton: "Women in their place"
Said the Fundamentalist skeleton: "Increase human race!"

Said the Nancy's skeleton: "Just say no!"
Said the Rasta skeleton: "Blow, Nancy! Blow!"

Said the Demagoge skeleton: "Don't smoke pot"
Said the Alcoholic skeleton: "Let your liver rot"

Said the Junkie skeleton: "Can't we get a fix?"
Said the Big Brother skeleton: "Jail the dirty pricks"

Said the Mirror skeleton: "Hey, good looking"
Said the Electric Chair skeleton: "Hey, What's cooking?"

Said the Talkshow skeleton: "Fuck you in the face!"
Said the Family Values skeleton: "My family values mace"

Said the NY Times skeleton: "That's not fit to print"
Said the CIA skeleton: "Cantcha take a hint?"

Said the Network skeleton: "Believe my lies"
Said the Advertising skeleton: "Don't get wise!"

Said the Media skeleton: "Believe you me"
Said the Couch-potato skeleton: "What me worry?"

Said the TV skeleton: "Eat sound bites"
Said the Newcast skeleton: "That's all Good night"

- Allen Ginsberg

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